January 2019 Classifieds

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  • Holley NH carburetors. rebuilt sway backs & straight through, correct 1920 – 1927 (but fit ALL Model T’s.)   Plus, earlier Holly G’s, rebuilt Bendix drives. 
  • 3 Model T overhead cyl heads:  1 Te-Go by Jim Culbert; 1 overhead cam by Nyle Reed; and 1 overhead cam by Gemsa.  All are N.O.S. Some need to be finished machined.
  • Rear spring for speedster, tapered leafs $50.  Cleaned and painted.
  • Two real nice hub caps, heavy chrome.  Make offer. 


  • I need a spring perch for the front right axle of my ’23 runabout. This is the part that connects the spring to the axle.
  • Want to trade No. 54 T key for number 55 key.
  • 1914 T carbide generator. 
  • Rear radius rods for 14 (without seams).  
  • Top windshield tie down brackets 22-25.  Mount on front bow and attach to windshield stand tops, for one-man top.  
  • 1940, or any year, pant-leg bicycle clip to keep pants out of bike chain

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