President’s Message

We finally got a little rain and hopefully more will come to make for a beautiful holiday season. Thinking of the holidays, do not forget to get your money and reservations to Barbara Moody ASAP for our club Christmas dinner on December 15th. Your reservations are a must for Barbara to get planning completed to prep for the Christmas dinner.

Glad to hear Dave Seiler had a good turnout for the tour to Motte Museum near Perris.

Thank you to the 2019 board for your hard work, and welcome to our new 2020 board members. Please, all club members should respect and show support to our board for guiding your club. Remember the tour chairman is only tasked with expediting the planning of our tours, not creating a tour for each month. Give Rich Dobson some help and good ideas for the special tour destination you have always wanted to take your Flivver to, or return to.

May God bless our club in the New Year and may all of you have a wonderful holiday season.


P.S. Thank you Paul O’Neil for lining up our great speaker at our last general meeting. We had a lot of great feedback on this very interesting talk.