Club Photos

Tri City Park Picnic

Garage Sale Tour

Our yard sale tour was a lot of fun!  We had 7 Model T’s, 1 27 Chevy, 1 Rolls Royce, 1 48 Dodge truck and 1 modern carrying 17 people around Orange looking for great deals on anything.  Some good things were found, and deals made.

After working hard all morning we went to Fire House Subs for lunch and stopped at Tasty Freeze for an ice cream. Thanks for a good time!

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Fire Captain Dobson and his crew.
Did somebody say ICE CREAM???

Corona Airport Tour

July General MeetingThunderbirds meet Model T’s

Fullerton Airport Antique Airplane’s and Vintage Cars

Park Vista 4th of July Celebration

June Tour – Segerstrom Farm

May Tour Photo’s – Cryptic Industries and American Military Museum

Co-Founders of Cryptic Industries, Marcus LaMontagne and Keiko Moreno with Tour Director Dave Seiler.

April Tour Photo’sPhotoshoot at the Vogelvang’s

April General Meeting Program

Lynn Miller Took Us on A Tour of California Historic Route 66

Tour to Las Vegas National Meeting

Tour Director Dave Seiler headed for home. We made it in one day.
John Bothwell cruising in style.
John Bothwell, Bob Jones, Sonny Bishop, Dave Seiler, Barbara and Dale Moody.
Bridge out, no problem, we’ll just go around.

March General Meeting Presentation

John Bowman from the Long Beach Model T Club – Movie Road Tour

Long Beach Model T Club members Gary Guacci, Robin Fry and John Bowman. Robin is also an Orange County Model T Ford Club member.

O’neil Park Tour

Thursday Night Work Party

The February 2nd Model T Work Party was well attended with eleven present.  Worked on coils, carburetors, and inspected a transmission.  Larry Walker proved gasoline and water don’t mix with a bottled visual example. Of course we snacked. Enjoyed Anke Vogelvang’s baked goodies, chips, and red and black licorice.  Another fun and educational evening.  Come join us!

Inspection Tour

Thanks to Tom Leroux for hosting OCMTFC for our annual inspection tour.

Light Tour