President’s Message

June 2022

The month of May was caravanning with other
family members (them in a large motor home and
me with my truck towing a trailer) to Tennessee to
see my daughters and their families, and a new great
granddaughter, Laura Mae, born on May 11th. She
shares her birthday with her cousin Aurora, age 5.
Part of the journey was to take a trailer almost full of
stuff my granddaughter Sarah left behind when she
moved to Tennessee 3 years ago. My travel
companions travelled on to Illinois, Florida, and
New Orleans, while I stayed at my daughter Janet’s
house. My son-in-law Scott traveled with me in my
truck to Texas to where the others reconnected with
me for the road home. Scott flew back home from Austin. Part of going to
Texas was to see my brother-in-law who unfortunately died unexpectedly
before we got to Texas. I received a call from my granddaughter Morganne at
home, while on the trip, that she got engaged. Her parents were part of my
traveling companions. I am glad to be home.
I see that the tour to Chino was well attended; sorry I missed it. I hope the guys
have a good time on the upcoming “Man Tour.”
Fred Spivey and Robin Fry have come up with some good general meeting
programs for July and August to look forward to.