President’s Message

September 2023

What is the Name of Your Antique Car?” presentation was put together by Rich Dobson. Members sent in photos of their Model Ts (or cars) with names and Rich artistically created slides with accompanying titles and décor. Members spoke about why they chose the name of their vehicle.  What a fun presentation!  See the list of names on page 8.
  The October Meeting will bring more on family antique cars in the family.   We hope that more will sign up for the Lake Perris Campout.  It is a fun experience and it is a nice campground.   Our once a year summer dinner picnic at Placentia’s Tri City Park was nice as always.  However, my experience getting there was not fun.  The brakes on my 1927 Yellow Chevy decided to fail.  I carefully made it to Dale & Barbara’s house where I tried to hit the curb instead of their Honda to stop.  The only damage to the Honda are some scrapes on the back; nothing serious.  For the Chevy, the bumper hit the Honda and the bracket broke on one side.  Now we will need to search for a bracket.  Barbara drove me to the picnic and back home.  Not fun!   Events coming up that you may want to participate in are: 

* October 14th – La Habra Corn Festival Parade.  This is a nice short morning parade that we take dignitaries in our cars.  There are five of us so far participating.

* October 28th – Anaheim Halloween Parade.  If you wish to decorate your car and join in the night parade, we have info on it.

* November 11th – The 2nd Annual City of Tustin Veterans Day Celebration and Car Show at Veterans Sports Park. There is a $5 per car charge to be in the show this year which will go toward trophies and prizes. Pre-registration will be required. Event is from 10am until 2pm.