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President’s Message

Jean Knowles

President, OCMTFC

***Meeting Location***

Villa Park City Hall

17855 Santiago Boulevard,

Villa Park, CA 92861

Next General Meeting:Sept. 12, 2016

The Garage Sale Tour was fun, but I came away without buying anything.  There were not very many garage sales out there.  I drove my 1928 Hack and it is now in the garage for awhile.  It heated up three times during the day, so something is wrong there.  Luckily I carry water in the car.  Also should have been able to do a round trip from home, but ran out of gas halfway home.  Fortunately there was a service station right there when it happen.  I usually carry a small gas can, but since my tank was full I did not think it was needed this trip.  Thanks to Van Schultz for pulling in the gas station to help me with putting water in radiator; the radiator cap was hard to take off.


The weather was pleasant for the Tri-City picnic.  Saw many people going around the park with their phones playing the newest game of Pokémon.


The Auction is always a fun event.  We hope we have some good items that you will want to buy.  We may need help during the auction with the auction items; let us know if you would like to help.


Next board meeting: Tuesday, Sept 26, 7:30 p.m..

Bailey and Olivia Rettig are scheduled to give a brief talk on their recent adventure in Europe where they attended the French Annual Model T Ford 3 days meeting.