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President’s Message

Jack Smith

President, OCMTFC

What a great time we had at last month’s club auction. Thanks again to John Herd for being our auctioneer.  Also, thanks to Dale and Barbara Moody for organizing the auction. They are one of the hardest working supporters in our club.  They worked weeks before the auction clearing out the garage, gathering items to be sold, and getting raffle prizes. In the last week they organized setting up shade covers, fans, tables, chairs and making sure there was enough food for everyone along with countless other behind the scene jobs. 

After all expenses from the auction were paid, the club made $2627.72, which was $12.21 more than our auction in 2012.  Thank you everyone for your donations and for supporting the club by attending and buying the auction items.

This month on Sunday, October 12th, we will enjoy the pleasure of joining the Long Beach T Club for a picnic in Huntington Beach to help them celebrate their 60th Anniversary of being organized.  This event will take place before our next general meeting, so mark it on your calendar and talk it up to your “T” friends. Let’s make a good showing of Flivvers from the Orange County T Club.  Look for Dave’s write up about the tour.

It is that time of year to get together nominations for board members for next year.  Please think seriously about supporting YOUR CLUB and throw your name in the hat to be a part of the board.  We never want to hear a statement like, “It is always the same people that run our club”.   Please step up and help make a difference.


Next board meeting: Tuesday, October 28, 7:30 p.m. at Dale & Barbara Moody’s home.

***New Meeting Location***

Villa Park City Hall

17855 Santiago Boulevard,

Villa Park, CA 92861

Tuesday, Oct. 14th at 7:30 p.m.