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President’s Message

Jean Knowles

President, OCMTFC

***Meeting Location***

Villa Park City Hall

17855 Santiago Boulevard,

Villa Park, CA 92861

Next General Meeting:Aug. 9, 2016

Just this month left for any vacation time if you have children in school, or maybe not if they now start school this month. My write-up is short this month.

The McCoy Mills Car Show worked out very well. The day was not too hot under canopies. I brought my 23 Chevy Sedan and going back to my brother’s shop I had a hard time stopping once (could have hit someone) and getting up the hill on Brea Blvd. Barbara Moody was driving her 15 Saxon and it quit in the left-turn lane on Chapman and Harbor. A couple guys helped push it to a side street until we could come back. Dale figured out the problem before we got there and fixed it with a paper clip since he did not have a cotter pin.

Hope to see you on the Garage Sale Tour, at the Tri-City picnic, and at our upcoming Auction in September.


Next board meeting: Tuesday, August 23, 7:30 p.m. hosted by Jean Knowles at Jack Smith’s home

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